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Recent Significant Projects: Energy Minerals


2003 - 2006 - WESTERN GEOTHERMAL PARTNERS, LLC. - In conjunction with the Petroleum Synergy Group of Reno, NV, Henkle and Associates was a founding member of Western Geothermal Partners, LLC (WGP). A total of $ 400,000 was raised from seven investors to fund the company. Mr. Henkle acts as the exploration manager for WGP.

WGP acquired ~ 60,000 acres of federal geothermal leases in 11 play areas in Nevada and California during 2004 and 2005. Most of these leases were acquired over the counter for $ 1.00 / acre. WGP also applied for and was awarded an $ 800,000 grant from USDOE to conduct detailed geologic studies and to aid in drilling one of the prospects (the Reese River Prospect). Mr. Henkle was the principal author of the DOE grant proposal and also acted as the lead scientist during the grant period.

In 2006, WGP sold the portfolio of leases to a TSXV listed Canadian company. The company purchased all of the portfolio for a price of $ 35.50/acre (~ $ 2,400,000). The investors in WGP have received a 600% ROI as of January, 2009.


2004 - 2009 - Henkle and Associates Oil & Gas Ventures #2 - Henkle and Assoc.(HA) raised $100,000 from seven investors to form this LLC. HA has a 30% equity interest in this partnership; and also receives a 20% management fee on distributions.

HAOG2 acquired ~ 6000 acres of mostly fee lands over an untested structure in central Montana. WRH prepared a geological model of this property position in order to market it to independent E&P operators in the Rockies. The acreage was farmed out to a syndicate of independent oil men

During this same time period, HAOG2 also acquired a 100 acre fee oil & gas lease located in the Julian Gas Field in southern West Virginia. The lease was assigned to The Petroleum Synergy Group (PSG) of Reno, NV, which subsequently drilled two 4000 ft. wells on the property. Both the Castanoli #1 and #2 wells were successful and the lease produces ~ 75 mcf/day, which is sold to Columbia Natural Resources. HAOG2 has a 10% working interest in the lease and anticipates significant future cash flow from this project. HOAG2 investors have received dividends of up to 50% of the initial investment as of Jan. 2009.

2000 - 2001 - PROPRIETARY ENERGY INDUSTRIES, Calgary, Alberta - Conducted generative Coal Bed Methane (CBM) exploration project in Rocky Mountain region of US and Canada. Leased 19,745 acres of federal lands in 5 areas in 3 states. Interpreted geology of leases; integrated surface and subsurface map & well bore data. Inferred CBM resource is ~ 333 BCF. Acquisition cost for leases ~ US$ 35K. Several of the prospects were farmed out to mid size oil companies.


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