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Track Record - Discovery / Development

William R. Henkle - Chief Geologist

Both as a company employee and a consultant, Mr. Henkle has participated in a number of exploration discoveries and/or natural resource development projects. His most significant discovery / development experience includes:

WESTERN GEOTHERMAL PARTNERS - NV, CA - USA - Principal responsibility for prospect / play identification. Twelve prospects were generated, encompassing ~ 60,000 acres federal lands in Nevada and Salton Sea area of California. Prospects were successfully optioned to a Canadian junior exploration stage company. Western Geothermal Partners investors realized a 600% ROI from the sale of these geothermal leases. WGP retains a 1% royalty position on future electricity production from these prospects.

IGOR GOLD - COPPER PROSPECT- La Libertad, Peru - This prospect has two distinct targets, a small but rich bulk mineable sandstone hosted gold - silver target and a large buried porphyry gold - copper target. Acted as Management Consultant advising Canadian junior exploration company on conduct of it's precious metals and copper exploration program. Key Man involved in formulating an exploration model to test for the buried porphyry copper - gold target at the Igor Concession in La Libertad Dept. The company recently announced that two drill holes had intercepted mineralized porphyry, thus validating the exploration model. Additional drilling is planned to further delineate this very large target. The sandstone-hosted Au - Ag target area hosts a resource estimated at a total of 202,200 oz Au equivalent. This resource is in an open pittable configuration with <1/1 strip ratio. Involved in the initial decision to acquire this prospect.

CASTANOLI NATURAL GAS PROJECT- W.VA, USA - Acquired an undrilled 100 acre fee oil & gas lease located in the Julian Gas Field. The lease was assigned to The Petroleum Synergy Group (PSG) of Reno, NV, which subsequently drilled two 4000 ft. wells on the property. Both the Castanoli #1 and #2 wells were successful and the lease produces ~ 75 mcf/day, which is sold to Columbia Natural Resources. HAOG2 has a 10% working interest in the lease and anticipates significant future cash flow from this project. HOAG2 investors have received dividends of up to 50% of the initial investment as of Jan. 2009.

FLOWERY GOLD PROJECT- NV, USA - Both as Chief Geologist of Alhambra Mines, Inc., and as a consultant, Mr. Henkle was one of three key team members involved in the selection of and permitting of this project for production. The geology of the Flowery Sub district of the Comstock Lode of Nevada consists of volcanic hosted quartz stock work veins with gold and silver credits. Initial reserve/resource projections for the property were for approx. 1,000,000 tons overall with 0.06 opt gold equivalent ounces (60,000 ounces). Property has since been mined out and reclaimed.

MONARCH PASS LIMESTONE QUARRY - As consultants to U.S. Lime & Minerals, delineated mining potential of this property and participated in permitting effort. The property, was thought to be nearly mined out. Conducted a detailed geologic mapping program and structural analysis of the property. Discovered several faulted extensions to the limestone target unit, and also discovered that an underlying dolomitic unit was ore grade material. Current resource projections for the property are approximately 14 million tons of metallurgical grade limestone and 48 million tons of chemical grade dolomite. USLM is currently producing from this property and initiated mining in Spring 1998.

BOREALIS GOLD PROJECT- NV, USA - Conducted a 2.5 year effort to locate N. American based mid-size potential acquisition targets. Objective of the program was to acquire drilled out reserves/resources at a discount price. Project culminated with acquisition of a 32% share of the Borealis property with over one million ounces of drill defined measured/indicated in-place gold resource. Purchase price for the 32% interest was less than US$1.00/defined ounce of in-place resource. This position was later vended to the 68% partner company for a 15% equity interest in the partner company with options to acquire a 25% interest. Acted as both lead technical evaluator and as lead negotiator for this transaction.

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